Answer the WHO Challenge Medication Without Harm for World Patient Safety Day

Medication incidents and unsafe medication practices are a leading cause of preventable harm across the world. The global cost of medication incidents is estimated to be $42 billion USD per year. The World Health Organization (WHO) recognized the magnitude of patient harm caused by medication incidents with its ongoing Global Patient Safety Challenge: Medication Without Harm. Building on this theme, the WHO has designated “Medication Safety” as the theme for World Patient Safety Day on September 17, 2022.

On September 15, 2022, the College of Pharmacists of Manitoba honoured World Patient Safety Day by presenting in a complimentary webinar hosted by ISMP Canada. Practice Consultant for Safety IQ, Ronda Eros, discussed Safety IQ as part of ISMP Canada’s Med Safety Exchange webinar. For more information or to view a recording of the webinar once it is posted on or after September 26, 2022, please visit

Other ways that you can join the WHO mission of ‘Medication Without Harm’ to honour World Patient Safety Day:

  • Keep your skills in safe medication practices up to date. ISMP Canada and the WHO offer education and resources to promote medication safety
  • Participate in the WHOs World Patient Safety Day campaign
  • Engage patients through shared decision-making using tools such as the 5 Moments for Medication Safety and implement actions related to the Know. Check. Ask. Campaign. ISMP Canada also offers 5 Questions to Ask About Your Medications to support patients
  • Report medication safety incidents, and share and apply lessons learned with your team and patients. Guidance on reporting, disclosure, and analysis of medication incidents can be found here, here, and here
  • Be mindful of situations where risk from medications is high and ensure safety measures are followed. See the ISMP (US) list of High-Alert Medications in Community/Ambulatory Care Settings and search ISMP Canada’s resources and Safety Bulletins to find evidence-based guidance for safety improvements 
  • Mentor new members of your team on safe medication systems and practices
  • Share your enthusiasm for medication safety with your colleagues on social media 


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