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Two pharmacists engaged in a discussion while standing in a pharmacy, with one pharmacist holding a tablet and both individuals focused on the screen. The pharmacy environment includes shelves of medication in the background, conveying a scene of professional collaboration and communication.
Safety Culture
Anja Sadovski

Strategies for Enhancing Medication Safety Culture Through Incident Reporting

Explore strategies for enhancing medication safety culture through incident reporting in community pharmacies. Discover how to craft effective incident reports, prioritize system-based solutions, and foster a culture of continuous improvement. Learn from ISMP Canada’s analysis of medication incidents and gain insights to prevent future errors. Empower your pharmacy team with actionable tips and resources for promoting patient safety.

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Additional Resources

Owners and/or managers of new pharmacies should use the Safety IQ Implementation Toolkit for New Pharmacies to start a CQI program. The Toolkit supports pharmacy managers and owners to understand Safety IQ and put the technical requirements of the program in place when opening a new pharmacy.

The Toolkit is available at the following link: https://cphm.ca/resource/siq-new-pharm-toolkit/